All Together Now- Pink
All Together Now- Pink

All Together Now- Pink

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The “All Together Now” range features beautiful handwoven basket bowls in various colours and patterns. Our first collection is The Women Pattern, launched on the 9th of August, National Women’s Day.

Made entirely by hand from natural grass and dyes, the All Together Now range comes in beautiful solid tones reflecting the towns and landscapes where these beautiful sisal bowls are created. They come in various patterns and designs and celebrate the excellent craftsmanship of our female artisans in Rwanda.

 Perfect on their own as an art piece as they make such a bold statement. Stunning as fruit bowls, they are crafted from 100% grass and can also be used as indoor planters. Not only an absolute beauty when placed on a kitchen island as storage for wooden spoons but also spacious enough to use in the pantry for storing your oranges, apples, ginger, garlic, herbs and condiments.


Sisal grass is hand-stripped using wooden tools and bare feet, it is then hand-rolled before being hand-dyed, in large vats of boiling water.


Basket weaving is an income-generating art form, a craft passed down generationally in Rwanda. Weaving usually takes place primarily during the dry seasons when crop production suffers. Most of our artisan weavers are women in rural areas meaning we support them by creating incredible products in which they apply their mastery in creating. We ensure they are paid fairly. The more we create together the more sustainable income is guaranteed. 

All our items are made with LOVE! By hand.


Medium:23cm Height , 25cm Width 

Large:28cm Height , 28cm Width

Material; Sisal and Sweetgrass

Do note as these are handmade baskets bowls some variations may occur like colour, patterns and sizes are very close approximate *